Instant direct online transfers from Europe to Ukraine free of charge!

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Just in a few minutes after you do transfer money is on recipient’s card and become available for any purchase.
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Clear commissions and valuable exchange rate. You know in advance how much you will be charged and how much will be received.
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Service is implemented by Ecommpay Limited, a principal member of Visa and Mastercard for a fast and secure card-to-card money transfers. All data is encrypted in accordance to the highest international PCI DSS standards.
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You can transfer money anytime from mobile/desktop. Twenty-four-seven. No physical meetings and transfers, no queues in the Bank.
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Send money from Mastercard or Visa card of any European Banks.

Any client of any Ukrainian Bank can receive money on his Visa or Mastercard card in its currency.
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How it works?

Insert amount for charge and choose a currency. You will immediately see exact amount to be charged and received.
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Insert sender’s and recipient’s card details.
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Credit of funds will be shown on you screen.
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ProfeeSend - service for instant online transfers from the card of European Bank to the card of Ukrainian Bank. The service is based on Profee e-wallet by Sibilla Solutions and Money Touch platform by Ecommpay Group and implemented in cooperation with VISA and Mastercard.

No commission is presumed.

Money hits account almost immediately. In some rare cases, depending on recipient’s card-issuing bank, it can take a few minutes to hit the account.

ProfeeSend service was implemented in cooperation of the leading payment processing companies: Visa, Mastercard, Ecommpay and Profee. Ecommpay is one of the leaders in the world payment processing market with more than 7 years of experience and offices in several countries. Profee- e-wallet designed by Sibilla Solutions Ltd licensed by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

The service is certified by PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider standards which proves the security of card data processing in accordance with international standards, User personal data is collected, processed and stored is done according to the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).

Registration is required to ensure security and validity of the transfer. It is required just once, no need to submit data again for all subsequent transfers.

According to the personal data protection law, our company is data processor. You can find detailed information how do we use personal data in “Rules for storing personal information”. Our procedures were designed to make ensure confidentiality of our clients and safety of their personal data.

Personal data and payment information are encrypted and stored on secure data servers. All information exchanged between Profee applications, servers and third parties is encrypted.

Registration allows not only using Profee Send but also gives access to dedicated account and additional possibilities of Profee services.

You can choose PLN for charge-off and HRN for top-up. The list of currencies will be updated according to the development of the service.

You can send money anytime! Profee Send is available twenty-four-seven from mobile, tablet or PC with access to Internet.

You can transfer up to 250 EUR after registration.

If you want to send more, you will need to validate your personality and place of residence. Doing this will let you send up to 15 000 EUR yearly.

Proving the source of income will let you transfer up to 100 000 EUR yearly.

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